Physical Rehabilitation

Increasing clinical versatility and patient care capabilities.

Designed with rehabilitation programs at the forefront:

  • Expertly designed, accessible, and easy to use, providing tools to support overall health
  • SYMMETRY Program is integrated into each Spirit Medical machine to correct an uneven stride and help prevent future patient incidents
  • True zero speed on the MT200 Gait Trainer Treadmill with 0.1mph incremental increases
  • Customized recovery options: Neurological pedal set, Hand/Wrist stabilization set, Lower Extremity stabilization set
  • Wheelchair accessible MS350 Recumbent Total Body Stepper functions fully without the need for patient transfer

Spirit Medical specializes in consulting with rehabilitation facilities, physiotherapy centers, senior wellness and care homes, as well as individual patients to help each of them invest in the best equipment choice possible for their fitness and recovery needs.

Metabolic Disorders – diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndromes

Recommended Solutions

  • Exercise helps the body better metabolize insulin medications and reduce HbA1c levels in the body
  • Physical activity and exercise can help reduce metabolic disorder related symptoms and issues by activating the metabolism and burning calories

Equipment for Beginner Level Cardio Training

  • The MT200 Gait Trainer Treadmill features a 0.1mph incremental speed adjustment to aid beginner fitness candidates with a smooth transition towards a more physical lifestyle
    • Compatible with unweighing equipment
  • MR100 Recumbent Lower Body Ergometer and MS300 Recumbent Total Body Stepper are great options to help activate the metabolism without the dangers of over-exerting or straining untrained muscles, highly suitable for those diagnosed with the complications of diabetes and obesity
  • SYMMETRY Program comes standard on all SPIRIT Medical machines correcting unbalanced stride and helping to prevent future patient setbacks

Circuit Training for Improvement

  • Spirit Medical equipment is ideal for integration with a circuit training environment

  Sports Training

Discover the dependability and superior performance of our products.

Sports Medicine

Recommended Solutions

  • Monitoring the fitness level of athletes allows for more efficient training and reduces the likelihood of injury, disease, and heart-related problems

Equipment for Sports Recovery and Training

  • Key element to analyzing health of athletes as well as overall athletic achievement
  • A V02 submax Gerkin protocol fitness training test on our MT200 Gait Trainer Treadmill helps determine athlete cardio efficiency, endurance and overall capability
  • SYMMETRY Program standard on all Spirit Medical machines, helps correct an imbalance in users' stride and aids in preventing unintentional harm while helping enhance performance

  Cardiac Rehabilitation

We develop science based solutions that support the rehabilitation field.

Cardio Respiratory Disorders – high blood pressure, stroke, and heart failure, as well as various diseases linked to the function of the heart. Sedentary lifestyle is the main culprit in increased diagnosis

Recommended Solutions

  • Physician monitored cardio exercise aids rehabilitation and protects against possible future reoccurrence
  • Spirit Medical has a wide range of equipment and personalized accessory options to assist doctors in patient recovery and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle following a cardiac failure

Controlled Patient Excursion and Monitoring

  • Using equipment that will guarantee user safety in conjunction with a heart monitoring apparatus

Equipment for Treatment & Prevention of Cardiorespiratory Ailments

  • Preliminary analysis of the patient using the built in V02 submax Gerkin protocol fitness testing available on the MT200 Gait Trainer Treadmill
  • Exercises that keep the heart rate constant are essential to the eventual progress of a heart failure patient
  • Constant power feature on the MU100 Upright Lower Body Ergometer allows clinician to set the resistance mode which best addresses patient’s needs

  Neurological Rehabilitation

Optional upgrades to aid in the care of patients with neurological weaknesses.

  • MA902 Lower Extremity Bilateral Stabilization Set aids patients with additional calf support, tailored to those with deficiencies in the lower extremities
  • Used for ailments requiring additional leg/foot alignment to achieve optimal results

  • MA901 Neurological Pedal Set allows patients with neurological dysfunctions to exercise in a closed kinetic chain environment
  • Foot is secured with fabric hook and loop fastener straps to the pedal in both the heel cup and toe areas
  • Suitable for individuals with hemiparesis, cerebral palsy, stroke patients, those in need of acute rehab, as well as other neurological disorders

  • MA906 Hand/Wrist Stabilization Set for users with limited to no hand strength or control
  • Patients with hand and wrist deficiencies will find comfort and security in maintaining a stable hand position throughout the exercise session

  • MA900 Rac Bike Upgrade Kit accommodates patients with its incrementally adjustable cranks, from as little as 15 degrees
  • Comes standard on the MU100 Upright and MR100 Recumbent Lower Body Ergometer

  • Smaller degree setting makes for smaller circular lower body movement
  • Patients with limited range of motion can start therapy sooner
    • Start therapeutic cycling earlier in the rehabilitation process
    • Easily track outcomes and improvements
    • Begin therapy earlier despite limitations in range of motion
    • Exercise within pain-free zones helping reduce the patient's "fear factor"

  • Passive and active mobilization for hips, knees, and ankles

For the treatment of:

  • Total knee replacements
  • Total hip replacements
  • ACL, MCL & PCL repairs
  • Ligamentous tears
  • Patella femoral conditions
  • Tibial stress injuries
  • Arthritic conditions
  • Neurological conditions
  • Muscular sprains
  • Tendonitis

Simply install the chosen upgrade kit in place of the existing bike cranks to make your standard exercise bike a more versatile and clinically effective rehabilitation tool to help treat lower extremity injuries.

  Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Optional upgrades that help stabilize patients with Orthopedic deficiencies.

Orthopedic Recovery – assisting patients with hip, knee and back operations or injuries

  • Essential for making a full recovery, developing range of motion

Recommended Solutions

  • Both post-operative and post-traumatic training is a combination of cardio exercise, improved flexibility, and gaining muscle through daily exercise
  • Through the use of the SYMMETRY Program core stability is reinforced and patients regain a better quality of life
  • Injuries and surgery can cause effected joints to stiffen, lose mobility, and develop muscle tightness
  • Cardiovascular training gets blood pumping to the body’s tissues, aiding in faster healing and recovery times for the patient

Equipment for Cardio Rehabilitation

  • The MS300 Recumbent Total Body Stepper—or the MS350 wheelchair accessible option—make effective starting points for recovery
  • The MR100 Recumbent Lower Body Ergometer encourages a pedaling motion in a reclined, less abrupt, relaxed posture
  • SYMMETRY Program (included on all Spirit Medical machines) supports gait correction allowing patients to reach their full potential
  • Enhances motor skills such as balance, stability and proprioception (the relative cognitive position of the body in conjunction with one’s sense of self)
  • Helps ensure patients comfort restoring function from mobility loss and aids in relapse prevention

  Active Aging Care

Provide comfortable exercises with minimal stress on lower body joints for the active senior.

Aging Wellness – Studies have shown that regular physical activity among the elderly can improve heart function and reinforce joints and muscles to help prevent the risk of fall and further injury that can easily be avoided through remaining active

  • In general physical exercise can improve mood, lessen the effects of anxiety and depression, and help protect against mental impairment such as dementia and Alzheimer’s

Recommended Solutions

  • Regular physical activity is key. A general feeling of wellness can be achieved through cardiovascular improvement, strengthening muscles, flexibility, and increased cognitive function through social interaction

Equipment for Prevention, Treatment and Maintenance

  • With features such as adjustable deck lift, removable patient step-up, true zero starting speed, no slip belt, SYMMETRY program, 0.1mph incremental speed adjustment, and adjustable full length handrails the MT200 Gait Trainer Treadmill can help older adults to feel more confident and remain safe while they exercise
  • MR100 Recumbent Lower Body Ergometer and MS300 Recumbent Total Body Stepper are ideal for use as a less forceful method of exercise, assisting the user in training their symmetry for accident and fall prevention
  • SYMMETRY training program comes standard on all Spirit Medical machines
    • Helps correct an unbalanced stride and aids in prevention of possible debilitation from fall or injury

Benefits of Exercise with Spirit Medical

  • By guarantee a safe environment for the less mobile
  • Regular activity will stimulate increased balance and situational awareness, reducing the probability of injury